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“Black Ink Crew” Owner Ceaser Emanuel Names Which Star Stole $5k From His Shop

Here's one reason why VH1's "Black Ink Crew" has become the peak of modern day reality television: it mixes the artistry of tattooing with ever-changing drama that people can't seem to get enough of.

The show revolves around the shop Black Ink, owned and founded by Ceaser Emanuel; the series has given viewers a behind-the-scenes look at people chasing their dreams and trying to make a more prominent name for themselves.

And while Ceaser has been all about family and making sure his brothers are in a good position, things have changed when it comes to his connection with his longtime employee and friend Walt. After a situation at the shop points to Walt being caught stealing red-handed, their friendship will never be the same.

If you're a keen viewer of Black Ink Crew, then you know that Ceaser and Walter were like brothers. So, realizing Walter's stealing from Ceaser is something that he can't look past — mainly because Walt could have asked Ceaser for anything he needed.

"It's not like some of the other cast members that came on after we were already on TV and already poppin', "According to reports Ceaser shared exclusively with the Distractify publication. "Me, Walt, Ted, and Puma have been with each other since day one. If you were to ask me for anything, especially Walt, I'm going to give it to you. And I'm not going to ask back for it. That was our relationship. Like Walt, you messed up here, don't worry about it. Because as a team, we have to make sure all of us is strong or the weak link is going to f*ck the whole thing up."

Ceaser continued, "I never thought Walt would do that to me. I'm not going to lie; it broke my heart. It cut deep because it's no TV sh*t. This is my real-life friend. Because of the money he took, I would have given it to him in the blink of an eye. Like when he was homeless, it was Ted and me that helped get him on his feet. And that's real life. When it came to his wedding, I made sure he had a great ass wedding. Because everybody knows Walt has a struggle in his life."

And it makes sense. Whenever Walt was down-and-out, Ceaser and Ted always came to his rescue. So, the fact that Walt could turn around and betray his brother like that is almost unforgivable.

"It was more of the deception and the lies and everything else," Ceaser told Distractify reports. "He's always going to have a spot in my heart, but I don't know when I'm going to get over him stealing from me."