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Bow Wow Reveals Plans To Join WWE After Releasing His Last Album

After a staggering two decades of success in the rap game, Bow Wow has announced his plans to put down the mic and try his luck in a WWE ring.

On Monday (Feb. 8), Bow Wow, who was recently in hot water for performing at a Houston show in the middle of a pandemic, went to Twitter to tell fans that this album will show a different side of him. And he also went on to inform fans he's working towards becoming a professional wrestler.

"Now I know this might sound crazy...BUT...after I drop my last album. I will focus on tv and film," Bow Wow said. He went on to say, "joining the WWE has been a lifelong childhood dream of mine!!."

He then went on to talk about his wrestling aspiration and even announced his desired tag team partner in Rey Mysterio.

"Me and @reymysterio vs. whoever @WWE for the tag team titles...., "he added.

The rap veteran later shared a post on Instagram Tuesday morning, which said, "and they thought I was playing...Let's go @wwe just a lifelong dream and something else to add to my resume."

Bow Wow's remarks about joining the WWE have received a lot of support from his fans, with many saying they'll pay money to see the rapper in the ring.

While Bow Wow has a plan for his future, he has yet to announce an album release date. The rapper has been mentioning that this last album will serve as his retirement album since late 2016. The project is rumored to be called "Before 30", but no further details have surfaced about the release.

But Bow Wow isn't the first rapper to show interest in the WWE, with Snoop Dogg even making an appearance on the TNT Elite Wrestling show.

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