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Ceaser From Black Ink Crew Allegedly Put "Hands and Feet" On His Teenage Daughter

Any avid reality TV watcher will tell you that half the fun is watching the drama possibly meant for a storyline play out in real time on social media. Cheyenne, Black Ink Crew star Ceasers’ daughter, gave social media a front row seat to their family drama. After alleging physical abuse from her father on Instagram Live, Ceasers' girlfriend Suzette(@iamc.eyez), threw gas into the fire by weighing in on her own Instagram story.

Cheyenne, or @cheyycoolie._ on IG, went live to air out some of her issues with her father. During the live she spoke on the way she was treated in her fathers Atlanta home. Still just a teenager herself, Cheyenne claimed that she was left in the house alone with the task of cleaning the entire 8 bedroom home. Visually distressed while reliving the situation, she explained how Ceaser and her girlfriend were out eating and partying while she was left at home to clean and a physical altercation was ignited because Cheyenne didn’t do the dishes. The claim is that Ceaser put “hands and feet” on his teenage daughter while she was in the shower to the point where the cops were called. Although the cops were called there may not be a police report because Ceaser allegedly paid the officers to keep them from removing his daughter from the home. Cheyenne, currently in New York, stated that if it were not for her mother and her boyfriend, she would still be Ceasers' Atlanta home.

Although Ceaser hasn’t commented on the allegations or drama, his girlfriend had a couple words for his daughter. On her own IG story, she denied every claim that Cheyenne made stating that she has never cleaned the whole house because they have a cleaning service and that washing the dishes was the only chore she was assigned. Suzette didn’t comment on Cheyennes’ claim of violence but did mention her mother in great detail; claiming that her mother was searching for a storyline through Cheyenne after being kicked off the show.

Season 9 of Black Ink crew hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, maybe this drama is the boost they need to solidify another season.

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