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Chicago Woman Boils Her Boyfriend In His Sleep Then Flees The State

A 22-year old woman has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery. Allegedly she posted a Snapchat video of herself pouring scalding hot water on her boyfriend while he was fast asleep. He woke up to the horrific sight of his skin falling off of his arms.

According to Dupage County State Attorney’s Office, the incident took place way back in the beginning of January. In the early hours of January 2nd, Sykes poured the pot of water on her boyfriend as he slept on the couch. The caption that accompanied the sickening video was a disturbing look into the torture that the boyfriend felt at the hands of Alexis Sykes. She mocked him as his flesh began to fall off the bone like some smoked turkey wings.

“I kinda feel bad now because he got 2&3rd degree Burns from face to waist & they rushin him to burn center but oh well (shrugging shoulder emoji) BITCH (emoji blowing kiss) n still cried & beg me to drive him to hospital.”

Police revealed that the woman hid the victims car keys, so that he would not be able to get to the hospital. The man was eventually able to get a hold of his keys and muster up enough strength to drive himself to the nearest medical facility. He spent nearly two weeks in recovery at Loyola University Medical Center’s Burn Unit. He had to undergo skin graft surgery to treat his burns.

The police warrant for the woman’s arrest came six days after the crime was committed. However, she could not immediately be located. This was the beginning of almost a month long hunt for this scorned girlfriend.

Sykes had the audacity to try and run away from facing any consequences for her actions, apparently fleeing the state. The Roselle police chief said in a statement: “This case was brought to resolution by the hard work and persistence of our detectives, who put the case together and were able to locate this offender who fled the state.”

Authorities wouldn’t find her until January 19th - having finally been found in Mississippi and extradited back to Dupage County.

“Dousing a sleeping man with boiling water causing serious, painful injury, as alleged in this case, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Says state attorney Robert Berlin.

There was a hearing on Monday afternoon, however authorities did not provide a motive for the attack .

Alexis Sykes of Roselle Illinois is being held on $500,000 bond and won’t be in court again until March.

Fellas, it’s time to leave the crazy girlfriends in 2020.