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Clorox Wipes Flying Off The Shelves: Will They Ever Come Back?

Amid all the covid-19 chaos at retail stores, Clorox has been grappling with unprecedented consumer demand. According to Clorox, consumer demand shot to 500% since the early stages of the pandemic. Despite the company trying to increase their production efforts, Clorox does not expect to fully stock shelves until the middle of next year.

There’s a Clorox wipes shortage, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to get their hands on some disinfecting wipes. It’s become a hot commodity and subject to stockpiling from covid cautious citizens. Items like toilet paper and paper towels were also a part of the early mass-buying hysteria of Covid-19, however they are slowly becoming easier to come by.

Clorox is trying their absolute best to satisfy the demand of the consumer, adding more than 10 new external manufacturers this year to produce their wipes. A big factor for the low inventory on Clorox wipes, is the materials used to make their wipes are also high demand materials for other products that are far more important. For instance, the polyester spunlace used to make Clorox’s wipes is also used to make masks and medical gowns. Essential tools for those on the frontlines of this virus.

The fate of Clorox wipes on store shelves has been in limbo since August. Back in August, Clorox warned that customers may not see their wipes on shelves for the rest of the year. Fast forward to now, and the expected time of return for Clorox wipes is sometime in the middle of 2021.

Clorox is now redirecting their customers to their alternative products that are still available on shelves. Their signature disinfecting bleach is still readily available and so is there Pine-Sol original cleaner, which is revered as a prime solution that aids in effectively killing the virus that causes COVID-19.

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