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Coming Soon: Manhattans First Beach!

During this COVID-19 period in our society, it’s hard to imagine anything truly moving forward with the level of mandates and restrictions on public engagement and events. The plan for a public Manhattan beach was set in motion in 2019, pre COVID, and has been approved with an official date, site mockup, and placement.


The public beach is set to be built within the Meatpacking district of Manhattan. The Hudson River Park Trust says construction on a major waterfront redevelopment is scheduled to start this coming Spring. This $70 million project located at Pier 52 has a few luxurious features like a sand covered area with access for kayaks. There will be no swimming allowed at the Gansevoort Peninsula but the beach will include a green space, a sports field, and a dog run for everyone, including our four legged friends to enjoy. Spanning over 5.5 acres, there’s enough space that visitors won’t miss the ability to swim, since the Hudson Rivers’ water quality is less than favorable.

Designed by James Corner Field Operations and paid for by the City itself and the Hudson River Park Trust, this Beach Park combo is marked for a 2023 completion date."The creative and unique design will add to New York City’s diverse and ever-growing selection of world class parks and community spaces," Deputy Mayor Vicki Been said in a statement. With plenty of illustrations giving NYC residents the proper visuals for the newest addition to their city, there will be no surprises on that front.

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