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COVID Stricken Bride Gets Married While Quarantined

Lauren Delgado was married from a bedroom window, while her groom was outside. Five days before she was scheduled to tie the knot, Delgado tested positive for COVID-19. She was faced with a massive dilemma. Go through with the wedding or postpone it until she is healthy.

Delgado was already facing a string of cancellations and venue changes. Delgado told the media that she had three venue changes and to add to the stress - her marriage license expired on the 21st of November. Delgado felt that it was time to move forward with her wedding to boyfriend Patrick, whom she had dated for 4-years.

In unforeseen fashion, Delgado and Patrick married at her mother’s Ontario California home. Lauren told the media, “It’s almost like a funny story we’ll one day tell our children,” mused Lauren. “Like, we couldn’t sleep in the same bed the same day we got married.”

Delgado married Patrick as he stood outside a second floor bedroom window, as his soon to be wife looked on.

All of the family members and guests wore white face masks and kept an acceptable distance from each other during the ceremony.

Lauren’s unprecedented wedding ceremony was necessary. More than 12,000 Californians tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday. The states death toll now exceeds 19,200.

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