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Cuomo Aides Altered Nursing Home Report to Hide High Death Toll

Some feel like the COVID-19 pandemic is winding down but the stats are showing something way different. With major cities still going through the height of the pandemic, New York has been making headlines for the past few weeks. A report written by state health officials was just released and it included a count of New York nursing home residents who have died during the pandemic. The number had reached more than 9,000 when the report was released in June. The account was not public and the governors senior aides did their best to keep it that way,

It’s clear that Cuomo and his team were doing everything in their power to conceal the full scope of the nursing home deaths. After the state attorney general revealed that thousands of nursing home resident deaths had been undercounted, Cuomo finally released the data completely stating that the reason he withheld the information from the public was out of concern that the Trump administration might pursue a politically motivated inquiry into the states handling of the outbreak in nursing homes.

As the nursing home report was being written the NY state Health Departments data put the death toll roughly 50 percent higher than the figure then being cited publicly by the Cuomo administration. The Health Department worked on the report with a consulting firm hired by Cuomo to help with the pandemic response. The chart they created compares nursing home deaths in New York to other states. NYs’ total number of deaths, 9250, exceeded that of the next highest state, New Jersey.

Changes put in motion by the Cuomos’ aides fueled fiery exchanges with health officials that were also working on the report. The conflict was just the icing on the cake to an already tense relationship between Cuomo and the Health Department.

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