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DaBaby Allegedly Beat Up A 64-Year Old Man

DaBaby has seen as much legal trouble as he has multi-platinum success over the last two years of his meteoric rise. The lawsuits just keep rolling in for the 29-year old rapper, he and his associates were slapped with a $117k lawsuit by a man whose home he rented for a video shoot. To make matters worse, footage has now surfaced online of the incident.

Gary Pagar, a 64-year old Los Angeles man, alleges that DaBaby and his crew “beat, punched, spat on, threatened, shoved and robbed” him, after confronting the rapper over a rental disagreement.

Pagar filed suit back in February for the incident that took place in December. Heconfronted DaBaby (real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) and tried to shut down an ongoing video shoot. Filming a music video was not permitted because the terms of the property prohibit commercial use. This confrontation led to the violent encounter between Pager and the North Carolina rapper, which allegedly resulted in Pagar being punched in the face and ultimately losing a tooth.

Daily Mail obtained footage from the altercation, that does show Pager getting shoved around by the entourage - however no sign of him getting hit in the mouth by DaBaby. Apparently this all happened when the cameras weren't rolling.

The rapper is leaving a trail of violent crimes - earlier this year he was arrested and charged on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon, as well as carrying a loaded gun in a vehicle. He was later released on bail.

Most notably, he got away with striking a woman in the face at an appearance in Tampa Florida. This 2020 incident was also caught on camera, which left him no choice but to publicly apologize.

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