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DaBaby Crowns Himself and Lil Wayne as the Best Rappers Alive

Well, if you were wondering who DaBaby thinks are the best rappers alive, he's given his take, and spoiler alert, it's a hot one!

Just a couple of days ago, after New Years' on Sunday (Jan. 3), DaBaby spent some quality time on South Beach in Miami with fellow rap peer and long-time rap veteran Lil Wayne.

DaBaby went on to post a pic via Instagram of the two rappers in the studio, with the caption stating "best rappers alive."

But this isn't the first time Da Baby has put his confidence on full display, with him saying he has "one of the top five flows" in the game right now earlier last October.

So the fact that he's added Wayne to the discussion makes it even more enjoyable. And social media would seem to agree with many different reactions and opinions.

Many went to the rapper's (DaBaby) Instagram's comment section to voice their thoughts.

With someone saying, "two goats in one frame," and another one stating, "I don't see J. Cole or Kendrick there?"

Nevertheless, DaBaby also was spotted hanging with the likes of the infamous Diddy this past weekend.

DaBaby not only feels like he's one of the best rappers but also proclaims he's a Boss.

Referring to his self-created record label, "Billion Dollar Entertainment."

He recently shared some qualities he thinks make a boss.

Baby talked about how it's essential not only to talk but also lead by example. He also said that artists need to be pushed and challenged to achieve their "full potential."

DaBaby concluded by stresses how vital a great work ethic is and how it separated those who are simply good from the great ones.

Lil Wayne and DaBaby both appeared with impressive verses on Jack Harlow's "What's Poppin" Remix, so many fans are expecting nothing less from both artists on a collab.

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