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Dear Joe: President Biden Says Trump Left Him a "Generous Letter"

Shortly before exiting his position as America's Commander in Chief, Donald, and former first lady Melania Trump refused to meet with the Bidens.

Traditionally the former President and First Lady greet the incoming president and First Lady, signifying a power transition.

But as expected, the Trumps didn't follow this tradition, which led them to be deemed "classless" by many American people.

Many people went on social media to voice their take on Trump's behavior.

Although Biden and Trump didn't meet, Joe said Trump did leave a "generous letter."

Biden told reporters that the letter was private, so he won't reveal what it entails.

Biden elaborated more by saying, "I will not talk about it until I talk to him, but it was generous."

With President Biden keeping the letter near and close, naturally, this has led to a social media frenzy, especially Twitter, with many people trying to guess what Trump wrote.

But all jokes aside, until President Biden tells us what the letter wrote, I guess we'll never know.