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Diddy Sues Sean John For $25 Million

Diddy is filing a hefty $25 Million lawsuit against his former clothing brand Sean John, for allegedly stealing his likeness and manipulating press releases with fake quotes.

The federal court documents filed in Manhattan show that Combs is suing the company and its owners Global Brands Group USA. Apparently Global Brands Group worked out a deal with Misguided, a UK based women’s retailer, and used Diddy’s name and likeness in the promotional campaign. The only issue is, he did not sign off on this.

To make matters worse, Sean John allegedly used false quotes in the press release to make it appear as though the line had Diddy’s stamp of approval.

Diddy’s legal team provided the statement: “Mr. Combs has never endorsed the GBG Collection, which is branded 'sean john x missguided' and 'Sean John x Missguided.' Mr. Combs has neither granted Defendants the right to use his name, image, likeness, or persona in conjunction with the GBG Collection, nor has he agreed to make a public statement or appearance in support of the GBG Collection." He will be represented by lawyer Jonathan D. Davis.

Diddy sold a majority stake in the company to GBG USA four years ago and has had a rocky relationship with them ever since. Diddy filed a lawsuit against them in regards to the trademark for the phrase “Vote Or Die.” Similar to the misguided deal, they allegedly used and trademarked the phrase to sell merchandise during the Presidential election, something Diddy did not sign off on.

According to the court documents, the fabricated quotes in order to generate sales was the final straw for Diddy.

“Mr Combs does not challenge Sean John/GBG’s right to use the Sean John trademark, but rather their decision to leverage a fabricated quote they created and then falsely attributed to Mr. Combs, and to use Mr. Combs’s name and other monikers to create the false and misleading impression that Mr. Combs is the decision-maker behind the designs and creation of the GBG Collection,” Diddy’s lawyer Jonathan D. Davis said.

Diddy’s team aims "to recover actual, special, and statutory damages, profits attributable to the unauthorized use and exploitation of his name, image, likeness, and persona, as well as attorney’s fees and costs" — which is where that $25 Million figure comes in.

He founded the brand in 1998 and popularized it in the early 2000’s with their signature velour tracksuits. It was his trademark business savvy that landed the brand a major deal with Macy’s back in 2010, after losing its initial popularity. Sean John would become exclusive to Macy’s then 800 locations, and be featured more prominently in the chain’s advertisements and on the sales floor.