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Divorce Must Be In The Air: Talib Kweli and DJ Eque Officially Call It Quits

First Kanye and Kim and now Talib Kweli and DJ Eque. Although the previously married duo has been separated for about six years Kweli felt the need to clarify the details of the divorce documents that TMZ reported were filed.

Kweli issued a statement stating that the two have not been together for quite some time and haven’t even lived in the same house for the past 6 years. Their road to romance began after they were married in May of 2009 and a year later they were kicked out of a club in NYC after a nasty fight. According to sources close to Eque, she got upset when she saw Kweli getting too close and friendly with another woman. Even after the public blow up they continued to be legally married, up until this year. All of their children are grown now, so there might now be any extra reasons to keep the marriage going.

This divorce came nearly a year after Kweli was suspended from Twitter for a back and forth he had with a user named Maya Moody, who was questioning Eques blackness. Following his suspension from the social media platform, he told Billboard that the suspension was ridiculous; even after he published Moodys’ phone number.

For someone who has been estranged from his wife for over 6 years, he was doing a lot to protect her name. It’s clear that there are still feelings and respect there, even though the marriage is over. Guess there isn’t too much to mourn on this side.