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DJ Spinderella Furious Over Lifetime Biopic

DJ Spinderella is not supporting Lifetime's upcoming Salt-n-Pepa documentary that she claims “wrongfully excluded” her.

In a series of tweets, Spinderalla talked about the unfortunate snub from the movie. Spinderella is the group's former DJ and third member who was kicked out of the group in 2019. She filed a lawsuit against her ex group mates, alleging that she was missing royalties going back to a 1999 compilation album. She says she was underpaid for appearances and wasn’t paid at all for their 2018 Billboard Music Awards performance.

The case was sent to mediation in August, as an attempt for all parties to hash things out without going to trial.

Things turned public, when Spinderella real name (Deidra Roper) took to Instagram back in May of 2019 to let fans know that she had been kicked out of the group. She received a termination email that revealed she would no longer be needed for further tour dates. They had been gearing up for the New Kids On The Block Mixtape tour which featured many popular artists of the 80s in the lineup. She claims that she has since been denied other opportunities to work. Regardless, salt n pep still considered Roper a friend. At least according to a representative of the duo back in 2019.

Spinderella sounded off on Twitter Friday: “Back when Salt n’ Pepa was building our legacy, which is rooted in empowering women, I could not have dreamed that this same group would one day disempower me.”

“Words cannot fully express my disappointment when I learned a decision was made to move forward with a Lifetime biopic that wrongfully excluded me from every aspect of development and production…” she continued “there’s nothing more unacceptable than a woman being silenced by another woman. It is for this reason, I will not be supporting it.”

She concluded, "I’m grateful I’ve managed to uphold a 30-year career of truly empowering women with my gift, against all odds" and offering congratulations to the actresses chosen to participate in the film.

Spinderella says that she played a very integral role in the group's success, having been with them since 1987. She simply wanted to be as hands on with the project as her group mates were. Salt and Pepa have said they were very hands-on with the production of this film, set to air Saturday night.

As a group, Salt-n-Pepa rose to superstardom in the 80s. Their music explored topics that women had never touched before, like sexuality and practicing safe sex. They are responsible for taking rap music mainstream, and were among some of the artist who fought to have the genre recognized by the Recording Academy.