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Dustin Higgs Is The Final Federal Execution Under Trump Administration

Capital punishment has always been a strong debate amongst Americans specifically for quite some time. There are many people who have died or been on death row for crimes that they may not have committed. While many incarcerated individuals maintain their innocence regardless of the evidence against them, Dustin John Higgs stood strong on his innocence as he spoke a few of his final words this morning as he was put to death. Dustin Higgs is the 13th and final federal death row inmate to be executed since the Justice Department restarted federal executions in July of 2019.

Convicted of kidnapping and murdering three women in 1996, Higgs maintained his innocence until death. In a calm voice he stated his last words, “I’d like to say I am an innocent man” he stated mentioning the three victims by name, “I did not order the murders” The victims were 19 year old Tamika Black, 21 year old Tanji Jackson, and 23 year old Mishann Chinn.

Higgs attorney, Shawn Nolan, tried to appeal to delay the execution due to Higgs COVID-19 diagnosis. Additionally, Nolan argued that his client was unfairly sentenced seeing as the actual gunman is serving a life sentence.