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Federal Judge Rules Beauty Pageant Can Deny Transgender Women

This upcoming generation focuses on acceptance and equality as a major social pillar. Representation matters more than anything, when it comes to Television shows, Movies, Commercial Ads and Modeling. Being able to see people who look and think like you in major positions can inspire many. The USA Miss pageant is one of Americas’ longest standing traditions and examples of poise, beauty, brains, and community service; or it’s supposed to be. A judge has recently ruled that the Miss USA, which shouldn’t be confused with the Miss USA pageant formerly owned by Donald Trump- has clearance to bar transgender women from participating in the ceremony on the same night that the House of Representatives passed a bill to add gender identification as a protected civil right.

This decision was made after Anita Green, a transgender woman, sued the pageant after her application to the pageant was denied. This past Thursday, Green's case was dismissed by Federal Judge Michael Mosman. Within the ruling that Mosman made he stated that he cannot force the organization to “allow the plaintiff to participate in what the defendant says is a contradiction of” their rules, which state that you must be a “natural-born female” in order to participate. Green has competed in Miss Montana USA pageant and won the Miss Earth Elite Oregon competition sees this ruling as a blessing in disguise. Although it was a setback, she’s happy to bring awareness to the issue.

"[They are] on the wrong side of history for choosing to actively discriminate against transgender people, but the road to creating meaningful change has always been a long and bumpy one"

-Anita Green

The pageants attorney released a statement claiming that they are not anti-transgender and would hold a pageant exclusively for their transgender community but they also want to stay strong in having a space for biological females as well.

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