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Flight From Colorado Catches Fire & Debris Falls From The Sky

From late 2020 to now, there hasn’t been much luck with Airplanes. With the flight to Indonesia going missing and now the engine failed on a United Airlines flight to Denver International Airport and plane parts began dropping out of the sky.

Despite the engine failure that occurred shortly after takeoff and parts falling off of the plane mid flight, the United Airlines Boeing 777 was able to land safely on Saturday. The flight had 231 passengers and 10 crew members on board on it’s way to Honolulu, Hawaii. Through photos released by the police in Broomfield,Colorado, you can see plenty of plane debris on the ground including an engine cowling scattered outside someone's home and other parts of a field.

On a video taken from what seems to be a passengers point of view showed the engine catching fire while another showed a cloud of black smoke expelled from the plane; “Something blew up” said someone in the background of the video. In an audio recording, a United pilot can be heard making a mayday call to air traffic control. “Mayday, aircraft just experienced engine failure, need to turn immediately," according to audio from the monitoring website which was reviewed by Reuters.

An investigation will be done by the National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB), and they need all debris to remain in place for the investigation. The plane was about 26 years old and powered by two Pratt and Whitney Pw4000 engines so the investigators will focus more on what caused the accident and look into whether a fan blade failed.

Boeing stated that it’s technical advisers would assist the NTSB with it’s investigation and United has offered to work with federal agencies while they conduct their investigations.

While engine failures are rare, statistically they are very dangerous whenever rotating parts cut into the outer casing, which is known as an uncontained engine failure. United said most of the passengers on the Flight 328 were able to board a new flight to Honolulu late that same day.