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#FreeBritney Update: Her Father Claims She Has Dementia

America has been glued to their seats watching the Britney Spears saga unfold; she went from pop princess to “unhinged” and unable to care for herself seemingly overnight. With her struggle to get removed from under her fathers financial and emotional control there have been many rumors about exactly why she's in the situation she’s in. Britney Spears’ father, Jaime Spears, is now claiming that the singer is now suffering from Dementia.

A report given by The Sun stated while Jaime was filing paperwork to control her finances about ten years ago, he hinted that Britney has Dementia. There will be more on this in the upcoming BBC documentary about the singer, The Battle For Britney. The paperwork is shown in the documentary and her 68 year old father reportedly checks a box that says “dementia placement or treatment” as a reason to keep the conservatorship that was put in place in 2008, over the singer’s estate.

Although early onset of the disease can occur in the late 30s and 40s, Dementia is more common for adults aged 65 and over. With the singer being 39, it is possible that she has symptoms, but the validity of her fathers “diagnosis” is not likely.

Jaime Spears has been a part of the conservatorship since the singer's infamous breakdown in 2007 where she shaved her head and attempted to smash a window with an umbrella. Fast forward to now, fans and music lovers alike have been rallying behind Britney with the #freebritney movement as it’s clear to the public that she’s being unfairly controlled by her father and team.