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From saint, to sinner: Meet The Former Ohio Pastor Who Now Makes $100k A Month On Only Fans

A former Ohio pastor made quite a big career change, when she quit her job worshipping christ and moved to California to make a living in the sex industry.

It’s been three years since Nikole Mitchell made that career change and now makes $100,000 a month, a huge difference compared to her prior salary. She’s the self proclaimed “Pastor-turned-Stripper/Life Coach/ Model” according to her instagram account, which boasts an impressive 120,000 followers.

Mitchell is living her dreams, according to a recent instagram post. “I just wrapped up another TV segment on Fox26 and I’m in AWE of all the dreams that have come true this year,” she continued. “Going viral. Being interviewed around the world. Being sought out as a life coach expert on TV. Filming my first lead in a film.” One could make the argument that Mitchell’s relationship with God didn’t end on a sour note, because he continues to bless her with once in a lifetime opportunities. And the ability to provide for her children.

Say what you will about her, but the recently divorced Mitchell is providing for her three children a life that she otherwise wouldn't have been able to give. Definitely a far cry from the childhood that she had, having been raised in an extremely religious military family.

The 36-year-old mom revealed she went six years as a young adult without having sex, in a recent interview. “I became deeply, deeply focused on God. I stopped dating men entirely. While I had slept with guys in high school, it was terrible, teenage sex where we didn’t know what we were doing, I decided to stop seeing anyone during my time at university.” Mitchell also stated that she would often fantasize about being a stripper, but was indoctrinated to believe that her desires and her body were innately sinful and bad.

According to the New York Post, Mitchell’s turning point that led to her becoming disillusioned with Christianity, was when mentions of her mixed-race heritage and bisexuality were edited out of sermons. It was then that she decided to quit the church, and take a leap by chasing her dreams. I was queer, my Church didn’t accept queer people, and I had desires to express myself in ways I had never been able to. I decided to finally step into the unknown and see where it would lead me, and it led me here and I am very grateful for it.” she told The Mirror.

Mitchell’s story may be salacious headline to some people, but it sends an inspiring message of chasing your dreams and embracing the things that make you different. Mitchell is using her journey to be a beacon of liberation to women everywhere - you can be a mother of three, queer, and a sex worker all at the same time and live your best life.

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