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Future is Seemingly Unbothered By His BM Eliza Reign's Comments about Child Support

As the public's display of chaos and outrage continues to dissolves from the events following yesterday's events about Trump's supporter's march on the Capital. Future is also hoping his baby mother, Eliza Reign's recent comments will fade out as well.

The co-parents have been "bumping heads" ever since the birth of their daughter.

And things had seemingly taken a sharp turn when Eliza Reign asked for $53k per month in child support earlier this week, with many of the public labeling her as a golddigger.

Future responded to Reign's request with a compromise of $1k a month, which she promptly declined to accept.

But Reign decided to take it a step further by putting a petition in motion that examines the rapper's (Future) bank records to determine his worth.

Since addressing her critics, Eliza has accused her of asking for too much money for child support.

"Truth is black people are conditioned so deeply to hate ourselves, especially black women, that we don't even realize it, she stated on Instagram.

"Yall tell me 'take the 1000 and move on' 'It don't even take 1000 to raise a baby,' but when these white women hit up the blogs, and demand 9 million, here ya'll go YAS AS SHE SHOULD."

Future went to Twitter to voice his opinions on the situation, although he never directly mentioned Eliza's comments.

He advised all his followers to "move on."

"Everyone had an option, and a plan then has every excuse in the world when they fail." Future went on to say, "love yourself more in 2021,' and leave me out the convo in 2021 and see how far u (you) get."

The rapper concluded by saying, "Some shit yall already knew last year, same topic #BORING."

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