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Get That Chicken - Get That Bread And Leave: Cardi B Wins Lawsuit With Ex-Manager, Granted Millions

Cardi B’s long fought battle with her ex-manager Shaft (who’s real name is Klenord Raphael) has finally come to an end. The legal battle put her music in litigation, prohibiting her from receiving any money from her multi-platinum Grammy award winning hits.

In 2018, less than a year after Cardi rose to fame off the strength of her first hit Bodak Yellow - Shaft sued Cardi B for $10 million. He claimed to have discovered Cardi, and once she blew up she left him in the dust. Specifically, the song Bodak Yellow put her in position to secure publishing deals worth millions of dollars.

Shaft argued that it was his team of writers and producers who arranged the song, and he was the mastermind behind getting her on Love & Hip Hop New York - the series that propelled her into mainstream notoriety back in 2015.

One of the biggest details to come from this war was alleged harassment from Cardi’s husband Offset. Shaft claims that Cardi defame his character by telling Offset he “robbed her blind.” Offset then reached out to shaft with a threatening text message.

Cardi would countersue the ex-manager for more than $15 million, claiming the terms of the contract she signed with him were extremely unfair. The documents stated that shaft received 20% commission, and he wanted an even bigger percentage from her Sony music publishing deal. Even claiming that Shaft tried to control her personal life, telling her "who she should and should not see romantically."

Both parties have now reached a mutual agreement, and the heated rivalry is now over. According to documents obtained by AllHipHop the matter was dismissed with prejudice. This means that neither party can refile about the same grievance again.

Cardi B is about to receive two years worth of royalties from Atlantic, that have been sitting ever since this lawsuit took off.

Cardi B tweeted: "Feels good to be free."

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