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Give It Up Already: Still No Peace Between Jordyn Woods and Kardashians

All of America had front row seats to the entire Jordyn Woods v. The Kardashians debacle and it seemed like the leader of the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner, gave off the impression that she was trying to extend an olive branch but it’s looking more like a publicity stunt than an apology.

According to Jordyn's mom and manager, Elizabeth Woods, there’s nothing to read into the gift because it was sent from Chrissy Teigens and Kris’s PR team for their Safely cleaning products. So this “peace offering” is more of an advertisement than anything. While there has never been any bad blood between Jordyn and Chrissy, it does look a little funny that she’s supporting something that is equal parts Kardashian; maybe Jordyn is just very evolved. When Jordyn posted the giftset originally, it sent social media into an uproar because the card and flowers were signed Chrissy and Kris.

The giftset gave off the impression that all was forgiven from the mess in 2019, but that’s clearly not the case. Some great PR will get anything buzzing, guess a lot of the Safely cleaning products are going to fly off the shelves after this major misunderstanding.