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Got A Bag And Donated To Charity: Tessica Brown Donates $20k To Charity

Tessica Brown’s hair may no longer be bonded together by Gorilla Glue after undergoing surgery, but that doesn’t mean she plans on slipping out of the public eye anytime soon.

It’s certainly afforded her a life that she previously didn’t have access to. Ever since she got verified on Instagram (almost immediately after the video blew up) She’s posted pictures of herself renting a Benz, got flown out to Los Angeles for free surgery with Dr. Michael Obeng, and now gets heavy interaction from celebrities on her social media pages.

People have had a lot to say about her seemingly capitalizing on her new-found fame. This past week she launched a merchandise website, where she’s selling her own animated T-shirts, sweaters and sweatpants. YouTube Bloggers and talk show hosts like Wendy Williams have all been dissecting the video and coming up with their own theories. The general consensus is that Brown did the whole stunt for clout and attention from social media.

YouTuber Lovely Ti went on a disturbing and scathing hour-long rant about Tessica on her YouTube channel. Ti berated the woman and proceeded to call her a “mammy” a term which everyone knows has a deep rooted racial history behind it. She claims that Tessica was playing up racial stereotypes in her video, and that there’s a “deeper meaning” behind her new-found fame.

Ti’s grievances stemmed from the now debunked rumor that Brown was planning to sue Gorilla Glue Company for the damages caused to her hair. Tessica told Entertainment Tonight that those allegations were false.

“No, I’ve never ever said that. Again, I don’t know where all of this is coming from. Because at this point, everybody is saying it.”

Say what you will about Tessica and what you think she might’ve orchestrated the situation for, but she’s definitely the moment. Millions ton

What has been confirmed is Tessica is donating $20k from her Go Fund Me to charity. Her GoFundMe racked up nearly $240,000 from concerned citizens.

According to The Post, plans to keep around $1,000 to cover her bills. She previously sought medical treatment from the hospital, as documented in her videos - but it went unsuccessful. This left her with medical bills that she had to pay.

Instead of taking the route everyone expected, Tessica is doing the opposite by giving back. She wants others who may need the same surgery that she received to be able to have the same access despite any financial limitations.

She’s donating to the non profit started by the surgeon who performed her restoration surgery, Dr. Michael Obeng. His charity is called the “Restore Foundation” -- which provides reconstructive surgery services for people around the world, for instance they’ve recently done work in Ghana.