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Harlem Man Shoots His Mother ...Because She Told Him To Get A Job

22-year-old Musa Camara fatally shot his own mother Fatoumata Danson in the head and later proceeded on a rampage, firing shots at strangers as he fled the scene. Camara was arrested on Tuesday and he still had his murder weapon in his possession.

What triggered this man to kill his own mother? The two got into a dispute over his laziness and unwillingness to find a job. According to the cops and the victim’s brother.

The family is outraged by what has taken place. Yaku Basangari, the victim's brother, said he wants his nephew "to rot in jail for the rest of his life." He explained why the 22-year old carried out the heinous inexplicable crime. Simply. “The son doesn't want to work ... He’s very lazy. He wants the mother to take care of him all his life. ... He doesn't want to go to work or get a place for himself. That’s the reason that he shot the mom.”

Sadly, this is nolt the first time that police have responded to intervene in disputes between the mother and son at their Lehman Village apartment. The son was allegedly high on marijuana before everything transpired.

While on the run, he fired shots at a 29- year old stranger who was luckily not hurt.

Police said that Camara was taken to Metropolitan Hospital for psychiatric evaluation following his arrest. He has been charged with murder, the NYPD confirmed early Wednesday.

When taken into custody, the young man started acting erratically. He allegedly stripped himself of his clothes and caused a scene in the 23rd precinct before the decision was made to administer him into a psychiatric hospital.

Fatoumata Danson was a Gambian immigrant who came to New York City in pursuit of a better life. She worked as a home health aide and “didn't have problems with anybody” according to her siblings. Her family wants to remember her as a sweet hardworking woman, who provided for her eight children.