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He's Back At It: Charlamagne Tha God Says J. Cole Isn't On The "Same Level" As Drake And Kendrick.

Charlamagne Tha God isn't a stranger to hot takes, most recently stating that Drake's rap era is over earlier this week.

And this time, he's back again with another hot take. This one revolves around the fact that he doesn't place J. Cole in the same ranks as Drake and Kendrick; naturally, the personality's comments garner a lot of attention from the public.

Charlamagne went on to say, "you have to put Drake and Kendrick Lamar in the greatest of all-time. I mean, J. Cole got rings, but I don't put him on that level."

"Some people may say the same about Drake, some people may have placed Drake the way I have Kendrick and say everybody is after him, but my point is those guys are such goats that make everybody else look normal."

Charlamagne's comments just ignited a flame that has already been lit for some time and added even more fuel. The debate of who's the best rappers of all time is a conversation that we'll be discussing for many generations to come.

But you can't help to wonder, is J. Cole a step under Kendrick and Drake, or is he on equal footing as his peers?

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