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Heated Words Led To Third Quarter Double Ejection During Lakers v. Nets Game

Sports are one of the most exciting things you can watch, seeing the action of Football, Basketball or Baseball live on the TV is one of America's favorite pastimes. Sometimes there is a little extra action outside of the sport itself, like during yesterday's potential NBA Finals preview at the Barclays Center more than balls were thrown.

The defending champions, LA Lakers, were short handed since their star players were out with injuries, which forced Schroder and the rest of the team to boss up the superstars on the Nets; and they rose to the occasion. Schroder pushed the team to a 61-58 halftime lead which turned into a 126-101 rout. Schroders night ended sooner than expected after he followed Irving straight to the locker room after both players were hit with two technical fouls for a verbal exchange that happened with about 9 minutes left in the third quarter.

Irving looked visibly irritated by Schroders actions and was seen exchanging heated words with him. Schroder looked surprised by Irvings words and both players were quickly assessed Ts and later separated, or attempted to. Neither player wanted to end the conversation which led to another technical for both of them. Schroder stated that he didn’t know he had gotten the first technical and thinks he got the second one for waving goodbye at Irving when he saw he was being ejected.

“I didn’t know at first that we got double technicals when he came up to me. After that, I kept asking him, What is he talking about? And he kept talking, kept talking…Then he got kicked out, or got the second technical, and I mean I said ‘Bye.’ I don’t even know if I waved at him. I probably did. And then [the official] said, ‘You’re gone, too, because you waved at him.’ And I didn’t even know that I got the first technical when he came up to me,”

Ejection or not, the Lakers went on to win the game by 25 points.