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Indiana Man Charged After Shooting 3 Young Black Men

Black bodies feel like they’re disposable because of the amount of us that are killed by police and civilians over foolish things. Just yesterday, Joseph D. Bossard was formally charged with gunning down not only one, but three young Black men at a gas station last week. Bossard was charged with 2 counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, and a few other charges like aggravated battery and criminal recklessness in regards to the shooting at a Shell gas station in Fort Wayne.

19 year old Anderson Retic and Joshua Cole Cooper were killed and 20 year old Jaylin Rice is currently hospitalized. Fort Wayne police were called to the scene due to an unknown problem, while they were en route to the location with an unknown issue the shooting was reported at the same location. Upon arrival, officers found a car crashed into a snowbank along Hobson Road. In the vehicle were Retic, Cooper, and Rice who had all suffered gunshot wounds. The Probable cause affidavit that was released a few days ago gives further details that shows that Bossard pulled into the gas station in a pickup truck to buy some cigarettes and while in the store he got into a verbal confrontation with the victims. When outside of the store, video surveillance shows Bossard circling the victims with his truck almost hitting one as he drove away. Soon after, Bossard parked directly behind the victims car and walked up the drivers side of their vehicle and began firing. Following the shooting Bossards photo was released by police and he was tracked to his home. After two hours of trying to contact him he surrendered peacefully just before officers shot a chemical agent into his home in order to bring him in.

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence increase since the crime was committed with a firearm.

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