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Indonesian Flight Goes Missing Without A Trace

Living through a pandemic feels close enough to a horror movie, just naturally terrifying. It’s impossible to do regular everyday tasks the same. 2020 was a scary enough year and the fright has spilled right into 2021 without hesitation. Not only are we in a global pandemic, but now Planes are going missing without a trace. Early this morning, a passenger airplane went missing in Indonesia with search and rescue teams only finding a few pieces of debris.

Verified air traffic tracker, @flighttrader24, tweeted “Sriwijaya Air Flight #SJ182 lost more than 10.000 in less than one minute, about 4 minutes after departure from Jakarta.” According to the same account, the flight was operated by a Boeing 737-500 classic taking off at 7:36 UTC time and the signal was lost minutes later.

The Ministry of Transportation office in Jakarta confirmed that the flight lost contact after departing from the International Airport in Jakarta. The missing plane is under investigation in coordination with the National Search and Rescue Agency. There were 62 people on board including crew members.


Search and rescue teams spent the night on the ground searching for any remains stating that they expected the plane to be around an island chain north of Jakarta’s coasts. Before ending the search due to visibility issues, plane debris was found; although they are still working to find the exact coordinates for the plane crash.

There was no inclement weather reported in the area where the plane lost contact - it’s said the plane is about 24 years old so the age of the materials may have contributed to the failure of the flight.

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