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Inside Vina Love's Invite Only 25th Birthday Bash and the World Premiere of her Music Video 'NFS'

Vina Love is known for her unique style, sexy attitude, and humble personality, so it's no shocker that her fans were scattering to find the location of her invite-only birthday bash. (and yes we were in there!)

Just hitting a quarter-century, Vina has hit many milestones in her career; by touring different cities, collaborating with legends like Snoop Dogg, and becoming a stable of street fashion. You may call her the urban Marilyn Monroe with a twist.

After the season finale of WETV's "Growing Up Hip-Hop," Ms. Love gained a whole new fan base because of her incredible voice and go-getter attitude. Although she is the daughter of legendary DJ Kid Capri, Vina has gained her network of friends in the music industry, and she takes pride in being a hustler.

During her extravagant birthday bash, she gave her audience an exclusive look at her new music video "NFS" and let's just say after watching the music video we see why NYC has dubbed her "Harlem's Prince$$"

Click here for her music video and let us know what you think.

Thank you to Vina Love and her team for having us!

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