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iPhone Users Score Big Against Apple

Apple’s IPhone 6 and 7 SE users have scored a big win in court against the company following allegations that it slowed down older phones after releasing newer versions. This has forced the tech giant to settle the litigation to the tune of $113M. 

Thirty-three US states claimed that Apple deliberately slowed down phones to drive users into buying new devices.

Millions of users of these iPhone models had experienced a significant slow down in 2016.

In its defense Apple said this was done to preserve ageing battery life of the phones in question. 

In March, Apple reached a separate settlement with affected iPhone owners which saw the company paying up to $500M in a class action lawsuit. 

In 2016 Apple updated software on models of the iPhone 6, 7 and SE which throttled chip speeds on aging phones.

The company is adamant that it did nothing wrong and said the slowdown was not for financial gains. 

Apple only acknowledged that its update reduced power demands after researchers found unusual slowdowns in 2017.

According to an Arizona filing, millions of users were affected by power shutoffs.

The state’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich wrote in a court document made public on Wednesday: "Many consumers decided that the only way to get improved performance was to purchase a newer-model iPhone from Apple.

"Apple, of course, fully understood such effects on sales."

Apple has also agreed for the next three years to provide "truthful information" about iPhone power management across its website, software update notes and iPhone settings.

The settlement comes after a series of other allegations against Apple.

It is currently locked in a legal battle with Epic Games - amid accusations the iPhone-maker uses its stranglehold over its App Store to unfairly charge developers.

Source: BBC News 

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