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Is Dr. Dre Back to Working On Detox Album After His Aneurysm?

According to reports, after tragically being hospitalized due to suffering a brain aneurysm, Dr. Dre is up and back in the studio.

It's speculated that he is back to working on his long-awaited album Detox.

Dre is back after two weeks of recovering in the hospital and is seemingly back in the flow of things.

To go even further, several producers and engineers shared videos or photos with the N.W.A. co-founder himself.

In particular, one post garners the attention of many fans who are patiently waiting on the Detox album.

Dem Jointz, who was heavily involved in creating Dre's last album Compton, captioned on his I.G. post, "and we're back!! #Detox21."

The photo also included some of Dre's in-house producers and engineers working on Dre's last project, including Focus and Trevor Lawrence Jr. The D.O.C.

Discussions of Dr. Dre releasing Detox have been going on for over a decade now. But talks of the album continue to surface, which is a relief to fans after speculating that the album was permanently shelved after his last album Compton in 2015.

There were rumors and reports here and there that an album was in the works, and in 2017 Dre gave his fans hope.

He said I'm working on a couple of songs right now. We'll see."

The last significant update about the album was in 2019, and it was by Flying Lotus. Last November, rapper and actor Page Kennedy tweeted he heard a snippet of Dre's album and hinted that Eminem will make an appearance on the project.

Will we be getting Detox soon? Only time will tell.