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Is There Another Case Coming NBA Youngboys' Way?

Rapper NBA Youngboy isn’t usually trending for anything positive. In 2020 he’s had multiple domestic abuse allegations, drug charges, baby mama drama and more. It’s common knowledge that NBA Youngboy is no stranger to the law, you can hear it in his music. Youngboy was allegedly involved in a fatal 2019 shooting and more details are given as the investigation continues.

NBA Youngboy or Kentrell Gaulden, was exiting the Trump International Beach Resort in May of 2019 when a Black Escalade drove up and began to open fire. While Gaulden left the scene unscathed, his girlfriend at the time, 19 year old Kaylyn Long, was hit and hospitalized. Also at the scene was a five year old boy who was grazed by a bullet; he was treated at the scene and later released. Unfortunately 43 year old Mohamad Jradi was killed in the crossfire after a stray bullet whizzed into his car that was parked across the street from the resort.

Sources from the ongoing investigation stated that law enforcement from Louisiana, Gauldens state of origin, have been in contact and sharing intelligence with the Florida law enforcement. Louisianas' law enforcement was taken to the scene of the crime and was given the chance to interview individuals with connections to the shooting.

Although no arrests have been made, with Louisiana law enforcement officials sharing intelligence in regards to this case NBA Youngboy might have another pending case coming his way.

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