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J. Cole Says He's Made Peace With Retiring

J. Cole still has plans to do more features before he hangs up the mic for good.

The rap veteran has always been highly selective about who he wants to work with on his music. It's been a running joke that the rapper continues to go platinum without any features on his albums. Despite his evident reluctance to dilute his craft by lending his bars to other people's songs, J. Cole said during his newly released documentary Applying Pressure: The Off-Season that he has accepted his upcoming retirement, telling the world that he wants to do more features before he steps out of the game.

Back when he mysteriously hinted at his retirement following the release of his studio album "The Fall Off," which is coming after The Off-Season, Cole had the world wondering when he would be hanging up his microphone. It's still unclear when Cole will be retiring, but he says that he is at peace with his choice in his new documentary.

"You wanna look back and be like, you didn't work with nobody? You didn't have any songs with nobody, and you're just cool with that? No? Okay, so start saying yes to some features," said the rapper in the doc when discussing his legacy. "Similarly, it was like that with letting people know, The Off-Season, It's A Boy, The Fall-Off is coming. Now that the possibility of not doing this shit seems real and I'm at peace with that, I don't have a regret."

J. Cole's new documentary premiered yesterday (May 10), and it has already been watched nearly 500,000 times. In addition to his big week in music, J. Cole also makes his appearance as a professional basketball player, contracting with the Patriots in Rwanda over the weekend.

Be on the lookout for J. Cole's basketball appearance and his new project this week!

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