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J Young MDK Talks The Release Of His Album, 'White,' and More

Who needs a white Christmas when you can stream J Young MDK’s new album ‘White.’ While this album is certainly not holiday-themed it does bring out joyful emotions as it combines the two genres of music J Young is most known for- R&B and Rap. ‘White’ is Young’s third album for 2020, comes in the middle of his 50Songs50Weeks challenge and after the release of a television and film project. “I’ve literally dropped 32 songs, 3 albums, a TV show and a Netflix movie this year and people are still asking ’What’s next?’”

Before we get into “What’s next,” we wanted to get into what’s happening now with the release of Young’s most recent album, 'White’, and we caught up with him to do just that.

With ‘White’ being your third album to be released in 2020, what differentiates it from the albums you dropped earlier this year, ‘Aqua’ (R&B) and ‘Black’ (Rap)?

“As soon as you press play you're gonna feel the difference in the project because it’s a very diverse album. I channeled the emotions caused by everything that was going on with me and I just put it into the music. ‘Aqua’ is completely R&B. ‘Black’ is completely Rap. So with ‘White’, I wanted to mix it up with both genres but also add a different element with alternative pop. I’ve got dope rap [records]. I’ve got dope R&B [records]. But then I also have other records on there which you just gotta classify as ‘other.’”

Why are all your albums named after colors?

“I see music in color. Color creates a mood. ‘Aqua’ felt like an island vibe, more related to R&B. ‘Black’, black is dark but is strong at the same time. So I gave you the song talking about everything going on in the world today like oppression and turnt up records like a sports anthem record that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world and I feel like that’s all black. With ‘White’ it’s different elements. It’s down and it’s up. It’s music for relationships and music for soundtracks.”

What is the 50Songs50Weeks challenge and why did you start it?

“Originally I dropped the first single right during the beginning of the pandemic and I didn’t know the pandemic was gonna be this long. Once I noticed it was gonna be longer than expected that’s when I decided to do 50Songs50Weeks just to give me something to do and to keep my mind off of the pandemic.”

J Young MDK has more than just musical talents. In addition to singing, writing, and rapping, Young has graced television screens and has even showcased skills behind the camera as a director. Young’s most recent project is a Netflix film titled “The App That Stole Christmas” in which he makes several appearances. Young is also expected to have several film and television projects released this coming year, 2021, some of which are expected to feature his music as a part of the soundtrack.

Do you feel as if you’ve had to defend yourself in the music industry or in the acting industry because you live in both worlds?

“I don’t feel like I have to defend myself but I feel like people want to put me in a box. They try to make me choose. That’s honestly why I dropped the R&B project because traditionally I’m a rapper first and then I sing but I‘ve always written songs for other R&B artists. I wanted to get to the point where there’s no limit. All of the people I grew up admiring like Tupac and Jamie Foxx did a lot of different things and they’re great at them. So why wouldn’t I be able to do the same thing considering I study these people?”

What's next for J Young MDK?

“Fans can expect a lot more from me. I have a couple of free virtual concerts coming up soon. I know we’re in a pandemic and it’s not about the money for me. It’s about the experience. I also have a lot of videos and new merchandise coming soon.”

Message from J Young MDK

“If you’re out there right now and you have a dream make sure you follow your heart. Don’t allow anyone to tell you to slow down or stop. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can only do one thing. Don’t allow anyone to take away from your greatness. Know who you are and know that you can do it. Make it happen. Make no excuses. All the things that you’ve told yourself you're gonna do, this is the time to do it!”

Make sure to keep up with J Young MDK via his Instagram, @jyoungmdk, to find out more about his upcoming shows and new projects!

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