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Jack Harlow Caught In The Middle Of A Club Shooting That Left One Dead

Being in a club is supposed to be a lighthearted good time but not this past Friday in the Louisville Vibes Restaurant and Ultra Lounge where shots were fired and everyone's favorite new school “white boy” rapper, Jack Harlow, was caught right in the thick of it.

Harlow is originally from the Louisville area and was back home just trying to have a good time at the Lounge where a party was being thrown in honor of the Kentucky Derby, which he attended earlier that day. There is video of Harlow enjoying his time out where you can see a situation begin to unfold between a woman and at least one man; they start leaning into one another before falling over wrestling. When they hit the ground, what sounds like a gunshot can be heard going off and everyone takes off running.

There has been no reasoning or backstory given as to what happened or who set the gun off. One woman, whose identity and age has not yet been revealed, lost her life at the scene and a man, whose identity has also not been released, was taken to the nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries.