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Jaime Foxx Returns To The Sitcom World in Netflix Show "Dad Stop Embarrassing Me"

Returning back to his sitcom roots, the very talented singer and actor Jaime Foxx will be starring in the new Netflix sitcom “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me”, which will be premiering on the platform on April 14th.

Foxx will be playing Brian Dixon who owns a cosmetic brand and who has been thrown into the ring of single fatherhood after becoming a full-time dad to his teenage daughter, Sasha, who will be played by Kyla-Drew. From the trailer we can see Foxx struggling with the idea of not being able to connect with the teenage girl who his growing into a strong minded young lady who isn’t afraid to tell her father what she thinks. Also in the cast are Porscha Coleman, Jonathan Kite, and David Alan Grier.

Like other sitcoms, it’s through embarrassing moments like Foxx breaking out in dance in public and quality time together, the duo begins to form an unbreakable bond. Inspired by Foxx and his daughter Corinna Foxx, the real life father-daughter duo are able to keep the integrity of the show as executive producers. Just a few months ago, Corinne won a Creative Arts Emmy, proving how ready she is to take on a Netflix Original.

The new sitcom will be hitting the streaming service on April 14th; check out the trailer below.

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