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Japan Declares Virus State of Emergency Just 3 Months Before Olympics

With everything opening up worldwide you would think that we’ve gotten over the hump when it comes to viruses, but we are far from it. Japan has now announced a new virus state of emergency in Tokyo and three other regions on Friday as they battle increasing infections just a few months before the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics.

The nation's virus outbreak is still smaller than many countries but the recent rise in cases has begun to worry officials and medical professionals and the government and Olympic organizers stand strong on moving forward with the festivities this summer. “Today we decided to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo, Kyoto,Osaka and Hyogo prefectures”, stated Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga as he cited the rise of infections involving new virus variants. The state of emergency will be in effect from April 25th to May 11th.

Authorities want bars and restaurants to stop selling alcohol or close in addition to shuttering major commercial facilities such as malls. THe measure will fall during the same time as the Golden Week holiday that is considered Japan's busiest travel period of the year and may involve some cutting of trains and buses to discourage traveling. Spectators will be banned from sports events and remote working will continue on.

The measures go into effect on Sunday, but the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, has urged residents to begin taking precautions seriously now.