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Kacey Anthonys P.I. Company May Land Her In Some Legal Trouble

Kacey Anthony has been rightfully keeping her head down since a jury decided she was not guilty for her child's death in 2011. In an attempt to bring some normalcy and finances into her life Anthony has started her own PI firm, even though she can’t legally investigate anyone privately herself.

The recently opened West Palm Beach P.I. company, Case Research & Consulting Services LLC, is active but according to state officials Anthony doesn’t have a P.I. license in Florida; she hasn’t even filed! Without a license, this firm is truly just a name and an office building because she can’t legally do any investigating herself. It’s possible that she has every intention to hire legitimate and licensed private eyes to do the dirty work for her but if that’s not the case she has a ways to go.

Getting a P.I license in Florida is more than just a quick trip to the DMV or the court offices. In order for Anthony to get the Class C license necessary she has to go through 2 years of training, a state exam, and a background check; that would come up less than glowing. Since she was acquitted in the case regarding the death of her daughter Caylee, the state officials would need to review the case and her criminal history to determine if she’s eligible for the license.

If Kacy Anthony wants to keep herself out of the legal system it’s best if she outsources for her company for now.

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