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Kanye West's Yeezy Gap Collaboration Is Reportedly Still On The Way

Gap's CEO Sonia Synga informs supporters that Kanye West is "very, very focused" on the Yeezy and Gap Collab.

It's no secret that Kanye West is going through a difficult divorce from Kim Kardashian, but that isn't stopping the entrepreneur and artist from staying in touch with his creative side. It was announced last summer that Kanye West and Gap were teaming up for the highly anticipated Yeezy x Gap Collab, and less than a year later, Gap has given fans a lot to be excited for looking into the future.

According to Complex, Gap's CEO Sonia Syngal has informed fans that the apparel line is on the way, despite the complications exemplified in Kanye's tweets last fall. Syngal went on to confirm she has recently spoken to Kanye about the progress of the clothing line.

"I spoke to Yeezy last night, and he's very focused on this incredible opportunity," Syngal stated, reassuring that the process is moving smoothly in regards to the Yeezy and Gap Collab.

As mentioned prior, Kanye's Gap line didn't appear to be heading in the best direction last fall when Kanye took to Twitter to blast the brand, stating, "I don't have a board seat at GAP, I don't have a board seat at Adidas ... Black Board seats matter."

West shortly after threatened to not drop any more products with either of the brands, so it's good to see the artist has reached an agreement with both; which has resulted in his recent Adidas shoe collabs, and of course, his highly anticipated Gap and Yeezy collab apparel being well on the way.

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