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Keeping It In The Family : The First Emmy Winning Father/Daughter Duo

In Hollywood, if you do the research, everyone is someone's aunt, uncle, cousin or sibling; it’s seemingly one big game of nepotism. Isn’t it a beautiful thing when family members can enjoy an activity together? Instead of football games and watching movies they’re doing readings and starring in them. Although it’s normalized for family members to belong to the same industry of Entertainment, it’s rare that they’re on the same set or working space, you know, nepotism. It’s an ever rarer occurrence for family members to win an award in the same year, not nepotism but hasn’t happened, until now. This year, father and daughter acting duo Ron and Jasmine Cephas Jones brought two Emmys home to their family.

Ron Cephas Jones won a Creative Arts Emmy in the Guest Actor in a Drama Series category for his role in the NBC hit show, This is Us while his daughter, Jasmine, was awarded her first Emmy for her role in the Quibi series #FreeRayshawn. In the Emmys press room, three days following his daughters win, Ron stated that this is the most fulfilling thing he could feel as a parent. “I mean, winning another Emmy is icing on the cake, but to see my daughter progress and move into this place where she's earned an Emmy, it’s beyond words.”

The father daughter pair has expressed their deep appreciation for each other’s work.

“The first time I'm nominated for an Emmy and I get to share it with my dad, who introduced me to theater at a very, very young age, it's a very full-circle type thing. This stuff happens once in a blue

moon, once in a lifetime type thing and it's just really, really special. It's definitely a very, very special moment in time right now."

-Jasmine Cephas Jones

The ability to not only raise your child but also act as a mentor in their field is a blessing that not many get to experience. Congrats to the duo for being the first father and daughter to be awarded an Emmy in the same year.

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