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Kevin Hart Secures the Bag With Massive Netflix Deal

Kevin Hart is arguably one of the biggest names in comedy today, translating from the stand-up stage to Hollywood, which isn't a small feat by any means.

And more impressively, he managed to still be successful in a pandemic.

Most recently, the comedian and his production company signed a deal with Netflix, which entails Hart will be starring in four films he produces, along with a "first look" producing deal.

Hart went on to talk about his future with the Netflix franchise.

"I'm excited about this new chapter for myself and my company. I am blessed and thankful for my team at HartBeat Productions. . .I honestly believe in our ability to make global films that will make a lasting impact on cinema history for years to come."

The comedian went on to acknowledge his production team and how great he is to have them.

"It's all about the "We" and the "Me" after the recent announcement was made public.

Kevin Hart's new deal breaks a milestone for being the biggest since Adam Sandler's renewal.

In a press release, Kevin stated, "this business is about progression, and my team continues to exceed my expectations with their ability to develop stories and relationships." "And we won't stop until the name is synonymous with first-class entertainment and narratives."

Kevin's career isn't showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon, with his most recent Netflix appearance, No Fucks Given, listed as the #1 comedy special in 2020.

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