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Leave the Kid Alone: King Von's Supporters Leave Harsh Comments About Quando's Daughter

Shortly before King Von's tragic passing, the rapper Quando Rondo was reportedly involved in a fistfight with King Von; the whole incident was caught on camera.

According to the reports, King Von approached Quando Rondo and immediately started throwing hands, followed by a couple of gunshots.

Quando's associate, Lul Tim, was arrested and listed for murdering King Von.

The rapper Quando was investigated in connection to the crime.

Quando is trying to move past the whole ordeal and has released a lot of new music. The rapper has actively been trying to show a different side of his life on Instagram.

The video causing all this commotion surfaced over the weekend, and it was Quando's daughter moving around and losing her footing at her home.

Many of Quando's supporters enjoyed the video, even called it cute and adorable, but many of King Von's fans didn't share that energy.

Resulting in many hurtful comments and even threats, all of which were fueled by Von's fans, O'Block affiliates, and the"only the family team (OTF)."

Many fans came to Quando's daughter's defense by saying, "leave the kid out of this."

Another went on to say, "girl ya'll OTF fans doing too much, yall disrespecting a baby, that barely knows what's going on."

While hate is expected; nevertheless, Quando's family and daughter should be left alone.

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