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Let's Flashback To Freestyle Friday: Where Is Blind Fury Now?

Let’s set the scene, it's 2011 and after a hard day of school you ran inside your house, plopped your book bag down, made your snack and placed yourself in front of the TV in anticipation of BET 106 & Park. Since it’s Friday your parents aren’t stressing you too much about getting your homework done so you can truly watch the program in peace, plus Fridays are your favorite because it’s Freestyle Friday. The show is finally on and the back to back returning champ Blind Fury takes the stage.

One of the most memorable rappers to grace the Freestyle Friday stage during its run, Blind Fury had true tenacity and next level bars that hadn’t been heard on the 106 stage as of yet. Born with spina bifida, clubbed feet, and without his sight Blind Fury has always made it against the odds. By first look, nobody would think that he could rap with the speed and clarity that he does. Furys music sights didn’t end after being crowned the 2011 Freestyle Friday Grand Champion. Just a month ago he released a new single “Friends Back” and he stated “I’m still in the studio every chance I get, at this point I would say I have 45 or 50 unheard tracks.”

While the music has always been Furys calling and what the public has been looking for, he has been in talks about a Reality TV show based on his everyday life. Last year there was nothing concrete although he stated that the ink was dry on the paperwork.

Whether it’s on TV or in the music, it’s important to stay tapped in to what Blind Fury has going on now!

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