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Let's Take a Ride with Ron Billz on "Seventh" Ave

Harlem, New York rapper Ron Billz recently dropped his new mixtape "Seventh", and gives his fans an idea of what its like being from Uptown, New York.

Billz, has a hard hitting party trapped base New York gritty sound undertone that is overtaken by his rhythmic Harlem beat box flow. On his project "Seventh" he introduces us to his favorite designer brands, life growing up in Harlem, and the days he spends with beautiful women.

Billz was formally apart of the rap group turned record label "Lux Boyz" where he got his start in music alongside his neighborhood friends. His support system consist of his close family and friends such as legendary film director Reek Speaks who passed away in September 2020.

Growing up around money makers such his father Ronald Sr. he was able to catch on to the street life and adapt to his surroundings.

Check out "Seventh" now on all streaming platforms!

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