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Lil Wayne Set To Drop a Young Money Compilation Album Later This Year

Lil Wayne introduced the world to Young Money Entertainment in 2009. The News Orleans rap veteran had a roster of young artists he envisioned would take over the industry one day. The act released two albums, "We are Young Money'' in 2009 and Young Money: Rise of an Empire in 2014, which opened the door for the various artists on the roster to succeed.

Most notable artists such as Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Tyga exceeded Weezy's expectations, which illustrated that Lil Wayne had an ear for talent.

And twelve years later, in the future, Wayne is trying to recreate that same magic with a compilation album.

In a Fox Sports Network “Up on Game” podcast, Wayne took some time to talk about his upcoming music and projects. Wayne announced his recent single, "Ain't Got Time," Wayne announced a video in the works and revealed his guest feature, Foushee.

But even more shockingly, Wayne announced to the world that Young Entertainment is coming out with a compilation album showcasing more talent in the group.

"Young Money, you already know I got a bunch of young artists," Wayne said. "We post a lot of the new artists, but we are about to put the compilation out, that's something with everybody so they can start putting their compilations out as well."

It's safe to say Young Money is not the same as it was in 2009. There is no clear knowledge of who is on the roster, but one thing is certain, that Wayne will put them in the right positions to do well." With this announcement of a compilation album, fans can expect Wayne to be very busy this year.

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