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London On Da Track's Baby Mother Says He's An "Absent Father"

The Holiday Season hasn't been all that jolly, with many women taking this time to state their drama publicly; recent examples include Iggy Azalea, who publicly blasted rapper Playboi Carti for not spending time with their son.

London On Da Track's baby mother, Eboni, Similarly criticized the infamous producer for not spending time with their daughter Paris.

Eboni stated that London hasn't called Paris or bought her any presents for Christmas and hasn't even seen his daughter in 2020.

Eboni went on to voice her frustrations on Instagram.

"And yes, he knows exactly where she at 24/7. He chooses to be absent."

Oddly enough, this claim is coming just weeks after Summer Walker (London's current girlfriend), who expects London's child, also talked about the producer's reluctance to be involved in his kid's lives.

Summer Walker's statements about London's involvement were met with London's previous baby mommas' responses earlier this year.

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