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Massive Fort Worth Pileup Leaves 5 Dead On The Scene

Car accidents are more likely during the holiday season, as it comes to a close there was a huge pile up in Fort Worth, Texas involving more than 100 vehicles. The pileup occurred on Thursday, the 11th of February and was the most staggering of the crashes that hit the ice slicked roads through Dallas-Fort Worth.

The crash was reported just after 6 am on the Southbound TEXPress lanes of Interstate 35W. The residual wreckage stretched about a half-mile past the initial crash site. When questioned on Friday, the day after the crash, Fort Worth police did not answer any questions regarding the conditions of the road that could’ve possibly caused the collision. An investigation regarding the state of the road is underway currently by way of city lawmakers.

Yesterday, on the 12th of February, state Representative Terry Canales, chairman of the Texas House Committee on Transportation, called upon the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Department of Public safety to conduct an investigation into the crash. “I have spoken to state legislators from the region, and they expressed concerns that this roadway may not have been sufficiently pre-treated for icy weather prior to the event,” Canales said in a written statement. “If this is true, regardless if it is the responsibility of a private entity to treat the North Tarrant Express, it is wholly unacceptable.”

The medical examiner’s office identified the fatalities as 34 year old Tiffany Louann Gerred, 49 year old Christopher Ray Vardy, 45 year old Aaron Luke Watson, 47 year old Micheal Henry Wells, and 54 year old William Darrell Williams. All names listed passed on at the scene of the crash betweens the times of 6:03 and 6:13 am.