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Maya Angelou Honored By Mattel With Her Own Barbie

The legendary writer, author, activist, and teacher, Dr. Maya Angelou has recently been unveiled as the latest addition to Barbie's Inspiring Women Series. She’s being immortalized in the form of a doll.

Angelou’s doll comes complete with a floral print dress, and headwear similar to the signature look that she donned throughout her life. The stand-out accessory is a replica only of her memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. The memoir that continues to inspire young readers.

These are collectors items and a part of an initiative by Mattel and Barbie to highlight Black role models.

“Our efforts include a commitment to spotlight more Black role models who are female, and now, we are introducing a doll that honors Dr. Maya Angelou, author and activist who used her voice and unique writing style to connect with people and inspire generations,” Barbie's manufacturing company Mattel said in a statement. They continued, “Dr. Maya Angelou had a multi-hyphenated career and numerous awards and accolades, including over 50 honorary doctorates and a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Nominated for a National Book Award in 1970, her autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings continues to move readers around the world today.”

Angelou is already sold out and fans are eager for the restock. It is selling for $29.99 USD and will hit sleeves at Target soon.

Dr. Angelou’s son Guy Johnson said in a statement that he is excited for what this doll means to his mother’s legacy. He says that this doll will introduce Dr. Angelou to a new generation of teachers, writers and activists. Continuing the legacy she left behind when she passed away in 2014.

"My mother, Dr. Maya Angelou, was a pioneer and an activist with an invincible spirit for justice," the statement reads. "Through her words and actions, she developed a unique ability to create deep connections with people around the world. She used to say, 'I write from the Black perspective, but I aim for the human heart.'"

Barbie’s inspiring women series honors some of the most iconic female pioneers in history. In addition to Angelou you can expect dolls of Rosa Parks, Ella Fitzgerald, Florence Nightingale, Susan B. Anthony, Billie Jean King and Sally Ride.