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Michael Jacksons' Neverland Statues Are Up For Sale - Ticketed at $2.5 Million

When you think of the greatest entertainers of all time Michael Jackson is sure to be top two and not two. Not only has his music stood the test of time following his passing in 2009, his more than extravagant Ranch Neverland has pieces that hold that same weight. Many of the statues that live on the Neverland property are up for grabs but as a package deal only.

Noble Art Lovers told TMZ that a private collector has 28 pieces from the California property, but the owner won’t sell them individually. The collection has to go as a whole and is ticketed at $2.5 million. Many of the statues are of children, including “Kids and Tree Swing'' and “Follow the Leader”. There are historical statues as well such as “Marble Roman Bust”, “Napoleon Crossing the Alps”, and a Marilyn Monroe statue.


The current owner is looking for a serious buyer and Noble Art Lover, which is based out of Dubai, will be handling the sale of these precious items.

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