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Microsoft Teams Beats Zoom and Google Meet With Meetings That Can Last 24-Hours

Microsoft Meetings announced new features that will start soon. On November 30, the best-based version of Microsoft Teams will stop working with IE 11. Though almost everyone uses Google Chrome, people still use Internet Explorer 11 till this day. According to Express, the Windows 10 makers announced this big Microsoft Teams change earlier this year, and it appears to all be part of a push to move Internet Explorer 11 users onto Edge.

Along with losing Microsoft Teams on IE11, you will no longer be able to access Microsoft 365 on the browser either. As of now, these are the only updates that we have but on August 17 2021 all remaining Microsoft 365 services will stop working with Internet Explorer 11.

All though Microsoft teams and Microsoft 365 are not comparable with IE 11, Microsoft Teams now has new a new feature that will change the virtual meeting world. The new feature is 24-hour long calls. Zoom and Google Meet currently have 45 to 60-minute limits on their video calls. But now, Google Meets beats both platforms with 24 hour-long calls.

Does this mean more people will transition to Microsoft Teams?

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